Equilibrium is the result of a series of well organised passes.

Living the profession in a law firm means always being ready for the exchange. This share enriches the professionals, resulting in the best achievements for our clients.

Once a rugby player, always a rugby player.

As a former player, rugby plays a fundamental role in my life. It is the sport that complemented my education. Not just my athletic development. But also and above all my growth as a man and as a professional.

The key principles of this wonderful sport – fair play, generosity, selflessness, respect for your opponent, commitment, teamwork and courage – are the values that have always driven my approach to interpersonal relations and the profession. These are the values you will find in Ettore Maria Negro & Associati

For this reason I wanted our website to show Marco Turchetto’s photos of spectacular rugby plays.

All the plays and situations depicted here have significant parallels to the way we work: a try represents attaining the desired result, a scrum shows how we all push in the same direction as a team, a pass symbolises the way we transfer and share our competencies and expertise, a tackle is our way of foiling the opposing party in strict compliance with the rules and a line-out shows how we reach as high as we can and we improve after every ordinary break in the action.

These are the principles we believe in, and these are the images that best represent their spirit.

Ettore Maria Negro

Ettore Maria Negro & Associati Studio Legale is a multidisciplinary law firm with rock-solid competence in bankruptcy proceedings and corporate restructuring plans, corporate law and business law, as well as banking law. Of particular importance is the management of the entire pre-litigation phase and litigation phase before competent authorities at every level of proceedings and in arbitration.


A small working group led by an experienced attorney and comprising well-coordinated professionals who form a tightly cohesive team is more effective than any set – however numerous – of individual professionals, who may be inexperienced, not accustomed to make decisions responsibly and to work collectively according to well-proven dynamics.

This is the main reason that led to the establishment of Ettore Maria Negro & Associati Studio Legale, a law firm that can count on the competence and experience of Ettore Maria Negro and his team.


Giving legal effectiveness to the agreements they have entered into, restructuring their company while reaching an agreement with creditors, acquiring assets, a business, shareholdings in complex situations. But that is not all. Being involved in a litigation (as defendants or, on the contrary, out of a need to enforce their rights before a court): in many cases, clients step into an unknown landscape that stands between them and their goals.

It is like crossing an ocean or a desert: there is a potentially infinite number of routes that lead to their destination. Our task is to find the most effective path to enable our clients to protect their interests to the fullest extent and in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes steering proven courses and following well trodden paths is good enough: but, since each case has its own unique features, we like to open new pathways and seek the road less travelled, not discounting any possibility, coupling an innovative spirit with rigorous logic. Many situations cannot be solved without starting from new perspectives. Indeed, solving our clients’ problems is our main objective.


After a preliminary meeting with the client, every new case is tackled collectively by the members of the law firm: hypotheses are analysed, discussed, debated. Oftentimes, new ideas are generated when the younger professionals’ vision meets with their more experienced colleagues’ practical knowledge: the intuition that opens the way for the solution of seemingly unsolvable problems is the fruit of collective labour, and it passes through the indispensable, constant study of the law.

Some decisions must be made by the client, because of the effects they entail: our task is to ensure that our clients are kept well informed with a clear, easy to understand language, avoiding jargon, so they can make their decisions on the basis of the best possible knowledge.

Some decisions, on the other hand, must be made by the law firm: confident of our experience, we take full responsibility for them, without resorting to reservations, generating misgivings, instilling doubts.

Every solution we propose is never the result of routine work: our approach provides a specific solution for each individual case.