Litigation and Arbitration

Our activity in the field of litigation includes assistances in every kind of jurisdictional proceeding, before merit courts and before the Supreme Court.

Our main objective is to effectively protect the client’s rights and interests, employing the defences and initiatives that seem most appropriate for the actual case and holding the rules of civil procedural law in the highest regard.

We also have experience in the field of national and international, free or administered arbitration proceedings. In the course of our work, we have assisted our clients in arbitrations subject to the regulations dictated by the International Chamber of Commerce – ICC, by the Arbitration Chamber of Milan, of Vienna, of London, of Geneva, of Lugano, to the rules of UNCITRAL or of the American Arbitration Association, carried in Italian as well as in English (Milan, London, New York, Vienna, Geneva).


Directors’ liability for damage caused to the company they manage is always contractual in nature

The liability of directors, for both joint stock companies and partnerships, for damage caused to the company they manage is contractual in nature, so that the company (or the administrator, in the case where the action is brought under Article 146 of the Bankruptcy Law) is required to allege breaches by the directors of their duties, as well as prove the damage and the causal link between the breach and the damage, while it is up to the directors to prove, with reference to the allegations, that they have complied with their duties.