Corporate Law

Companies are the nodes of a series of distinct interests: foremost among them, the interest of the company itself, then those of its shareholders, of the management bodies, of the supervisory bodies, of the company’s creditors. Oftentimes, these interests are in contrast, and they must be taken into account in setting the rules that govern the relations arising within the company, with the knowledge of general rules that cannot be ignored.

Our clients benefit from dependable assistance, based on our proven expertise in business law and our thorough knowledge of the mechanisms that regulate the activity of companies from their inception onwards.

Whatever need the client has, we can provide a valuable contribution and an appropriate solution:

  • in incorporating a company and starting the business activity
  • in providing certainties, regulating the relations among shareholders, with the directors and with the supervisory bodies
  • in expanding the business through agreements with third parties and extraordinary transactions
  • in the course of ordinary business, solving problems tied, for example, to the preparation of financial statements and to relations with the company’s creditors.
Our expertise in liability actions involving corporate bodies is particularly significant.


Directors’ liability for damage caused to the company they manage is always contractual in nature

The liability of directors, for both joint stock companies and partnerships, for damage caused to the company they manage is contractual in nature, so that the company (or the administrator, in the case where the action is brought under Article 146 of the Bankruptcy Law) is required to allege breaches by the directors of their duties, as well as prove the damage and the causal link between the breach and the damage, while it is up to the directors to prove, with reference to the allegations, that they have complied with their duties.