Banking and Financial Law

The main problems related to the exercise of banking and lending activity pertain to the lawfulness of contractual conditions, the different ways of granting credit to clients, the establishment of collateral and personal guarantees, typical and non typical, the enforcement of collateral and personal guarantees, typical and non typical, the different types of actions in defence of the bank's credit rights, the preparation and revision of banking agreements in compliance with current regulations and with respect to the Supervisory Authority, the trading of credit instruments.

Within the field of financial law, particular consideration is given to assistance and advice to intermediaries in the placement of savings and investment instruments to clients, in trading financial instruments, including derivatives, with clients, and in managing any disputes.

Knowing every aspect of the industry regulations without neglecting the general rules: this is the basic tenet that drives us in providing assistance in a field where special rules take on particular significance. In addition to the traditional banking relations, the payment systems and the electronic money institutions, credit cards, investment services and in particular the area of derivative financial instruments and complex financial instruments are, for clients, problem-filled topics, that are often far from simple.

We know our clients’ needs: to reduce costs and obtain solutions.

Providing assistance on every aspect of relations with the banking enterprise and within the scope of investment services, on the basis of the experience accumulated in the industry, for us means acting in a practical, fast and reliable way.


Defects of leased assets

With decision no. 19785/2015, filed on 5th October 2015, the Joint Sections of the Supreme Court (L.A. Rovelli Presiding –A. Spirito Reporting Judge) issued their judgement on the matter of financial leases, addressing the issue of the remedies the user may invoke in cases of defects of the leased asset.