Business Law

Our contribution to a business is meant to be constructive: our clients should benefit from valuable support in the planning and implementation of any type of commercial operation, including the preparation and negotiation of the related contractual documents.

Our aim is to solve, quickly and to the client’s full satisfaction, every issue pertaining to the business, whatever its size. Creating certainties, removing obstacles, finding solutions: to achieve these purposes, we bring our experience in business law to bear.

We assist our clients in the negotiation and drafting of domestic and international commercial agreements.

The main agreements we consider are:

  • agency and distribution
  • leasing
  • franchising
  • joint-ventures, collaboration and strategic cooperation
  • sale of assets
  • supply, subcontracting and manpower supply
  • licensing, research and development
  • commercial leases
The assistance provided by Negrolex covers the different phases of preparation, negotiation, performance, renegotiation, as well as the management of any disputes


Transformation of an S.n.c. into an S.r.l.: the moment when the different liability regime is applicable
| Business Law

With order no. 13772 of 20 May 2021, the Court of Cassation ruled on the issue of identifying the moment in time when, as a result of the transformation of an S.n.c. into an S.r.l., the unlimited liability of shareholders “ceases” and the limited liability of the company “starts”.